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Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Money is Gone

As of 11:56, the state site has run out of rebates. For the people who were not able to obtain reservations, sign up on the wait list. There will be people who will not use the confirmations and that money becomes available

For the people who were lucky enough to obtain a reservation, thats half the struggle. Now you have to find qualifying products and schedule deliveries before June 15th


  1. Anonymous12:11 PM

    2 hours wasted constantly refreshing and redialing.
    should have just bought a scratch ticket - odds would be better.

  2. Anonymous12:31 PM

    great idea, terrible implementation.
    In the end, after 2 hours or redialing and refreshing, it looks like I'm missing out because of an "http" that should have been an "https".

    fingers crossed for the waitlist I guess. Thanks for the updates.

  3. Anonymous12:55 PM

    Got a reservation number but could not print out the rebate form.what do ido?

  4. Anonymous1:33 PM

    any hints on how to get in web site for reservation and cant get through on tel#. Any hints on how to do this. Please post.

  5. Anonymous1:41 PM

    3 hours of redailing and refreshing, I must be crazy to believe the average person can take advantage of the program.

  6. Anonymous2:35 PM

    do you charge for delivery?