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Friday, January 08, 2010

How to Buy a Pro Cooktop

Really easy post. Cooktops really accomplish two functions. They heat and simmer. Typically a high output burner on a professional unit is about 15,000 BTU in comparison, a 10 year old range is 10-12,000 BTU. A lower simmer should be around 700BTU

Professional cooktops are great at both, but before you spend $2300 dollars, look at this Miele with two high output burners at almost $1000 less as regular cooktops are becoming more powerful

For a versatile high output with low simmer 15,000 at the high and 500 BTU at the low
look at Wolf

For the best simmer, look at Thermador, which is intermittent at an almost frigid 200 BTU

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