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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

How To Buy Appliances

How to buy appliances...first post of the year promises to be long. First question is what appliances, so lets assume a kitchen of everything.

The mindset:

Start with a budget and not the budget plus 30%...lets be disciplined.

Step 1: Is it replacement or resell.

Replacement is easy. Go to step 2. Resale is different. I would first look at comps in your area, and buy at least at that level or greater. Name brands like SubZero at the high end, and Bosch in the middle are enticing. For example, the two ranges below are the same, but one says Bosch and the other Frigidaire...Buy the Bosch. People are enamored of brands (what shirt are you wearing now?) just be mindful.

Step 2: What do you use/ what will you use?

Features like convection, fifth elements and power elements are great if you use them or will use them....if not buy the cheaper unit and save the dough. In this case the difference between a straight self cleaning and convection double oven is about $550.

Step 4: Rebates...I have said this before. Rebates could be up to 30% of the products value. If we look at the affordable luxury segment of Bosch, Frigidaire Professional, GE Cafe and KitchenAid with similar features, rebates could be the clincher....These brands will all cook, clean and refrigerate. $1,000 rebate difference would convince me...Have a look

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