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Monday, November 16, 2009

Rebates...More Rebates

I am a completely mercenary in reviews. I can see myself buying different items merely based on price comparison, I am a realist. Bosch, GE, Frigidaire, Whirlpool and Electrolux all have very good laundry...

If you are converting from a top load, you will save money through greater water and electrical efficiency, larger capacity and high spin speed (less drying)

So yes, a $300 rebate would sway me from a favorite to a mere consideration. But who would do something that extreme?

Bosch: Once $889 now $589....


  1. Anonymous8:27 PM

    Steve, I always thought I wanted a front-loader when my top-loader dies. But I've read a lot lately about people's front-loaders being smelly and mildewy. I don't want to have to constantly clean or monitor my washer . . . are there brands that have less tendency to stink/produce mildew?

  2. The Maytag or "stinkomatic" has turned off a bucnh of people to front loaders. Water would pool in a gap between the outer and inner tub and just be moldy...awful design

    Every other front load machine is gasketed with rubber to prevent this. There could be residual standing water in the gasket, but this can be wiped down easily. You can also use affresh tablets as a preventative measure

    Personally, I have had a front load(practice what we preach) for 5 years and never have wiped down the gasket or used affresh ever

  3. meredyth8:32 AM

    do you know if bosch has any other rebates out now on their washers? what bosch models do you like the best? we need to buy a washer and dryer within the next few weeks and i'm digging the bosch models. a rebate would help more! :) thanks for the awesome blog!

  4. Hey thanks for reading....in the post Cash 4 Clunkers world, there is no much for rebates in May. If you can delay your purchase, check back in June

    September will have another Cash For Clunkers event if you can hold off for that long

  5. Anonymous3:57 PM

    thanks so much for the advice!