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Friday, October 30, 2009

How To Choose a Decorative Light

When I was a young lad (how often I say this these days), the proper way to size a light was 24 inches off the table and 12 inches less in diameter. It makes sense in a static way. You don't want the light in your face nor do you want to konk your head when leaving the table.

However, styles have changed. Kitchen and formal dining have changed into one great area. This has certainly impacted how we view decorative lighting. Now you are more likely to light an island and peninsula than a table. Pendants (smaller fixtures) of all types become more appropriate.

I only have one suggestion. Buy what you like. Decorative lighting is only a part of the lighting plan with ambient, task and accent being the other elements. Now perhaps, you can consider some really different pieces.


  1. Hey Steve, I read your blog all the time (found you through Erika). We just moved into a 13 year old home whose kitchen is in major need of updating. I'm wondering the best way to go about the appliance search. I just found a scratch and dent frigidaire integrated dishwasher on craigslist in Atl for $350 (FGHD2433KF1). Is it worth trying to buy items this way, or go with an appliance store and try to get all the rebates like you talk about? I already have a freezer on bottom stainless Kenmore fridge that we won't be replacing. Do I worry with brand matching? Will I be able to get as good of rebates if I dont buy a fridge?

    Also, about mentioned fridge produces disgusting smelly ice. Is there a filter for an ice maker? I'm clueless. fridge is 6 years old. Thanks for your help!

  2. Craigslist can be good or bad depending on the person and product. The deal in question shouldnt be bad because the product is new.

    Matching is subjective, but it is a good idea when the products are close together

    Disgusting ice is a by product of disgusting water. 6 year old refrigerator could have a built in ice. If not, you can buy a number of filter which can attach to the water lines

  3. These all are looks lovely, good thing to purchase.