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Thursday, October 08, 2009


Lets look at Bosch dishwashers:

What's strange is half are 2009 and the other half are 2010. I cannot tell the difference, so I probably wouldn't spend the extra money for a 2010.

All you need to know about dishwashers in general:

1. Cycles: Monitor time and temperature. For example, a delicate cycle is less time with no heat boost. Pots and pans is a longer cycle with heat.

2. Drying: Typical European dishwasher has no heat drying as the residual heat from the wash combined with Jet Dry will dry the dishes. American dishwashers have an added heat (and energy) dry as an extra option.

3. Controls: Controls could be on the face or hidden on the top.

4. Filter: American dishwashers have a grinder, and Europeans have a filter.

5. Quietness (funny nobody asks if they actually clean): Although all are better than your present dishwasher..Typically the Europeans will be quieter, but the difference between the quietest brands and models is not detectable by the human ear.

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