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Monday, June 22, 2009

Post 701 and Handles

Hard to believe the ole blog has surpassed the 700 landmark. Now social media is the rage because it helps the brand, google rank and corporate credibility. We started The Yale Blog in 2007 to advise people honestly on how to shop for appliances, plumbing and lighting. I never really considered social media back then. Just wanted to be a reliable source of information in an industry that seems to need it.

The Yale Bloggers:

Frigidaire has a new line of appliances. It is updated aesthetically with three different handles styles, which can be good until you try to package their different lines.

Lets look at this new range. It looks different, but it is $100 more expensive than the model it superceded. The older piece also had a second oven, which is not available on this unit. So for $100 more, you seem to be buying less.

Frigidaire has always occupied an interesting niche of affordable stainless steel. Perhaps they should have rethought this latest line. GE, their largest cooking competitor, will have a new line of economical stainless steel appliances in August.

File this post under bad timing...

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