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Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Trouble With Style

So I was talking to Ken and Dave yesterday. They were buying a professional range and wanted a triangular or chimney style hood. That should not be a problem in our store, we only display about 20 of them....

Unfortunately, chimney hoods are a European creation, and typically kitchens across the pond do not have professional ranges. Thus, they are only 19-21 inches deep, which is too shallow for properly venting a professional range.

Their only choice is a BEST K4236. Best is 24 inches deep and 1100 CFM.

Small tip for proper ventilation:

1. Decent motor. Measurement is CFM or cubic foot per minute (how many cubes of air are passed through the hood in 1 minute)

2. Capture area. In a pro application, minimum 24 inches depth.

3. Duct Run: Straight runs are measurably better as bending duct decreases efficiency.

4. Duct Size: Minimum 6 inch round...The larger vents require 8-10 inch round.

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  1. Well, this original post is dated January but we finally got this vent installed in May and I can honestly say it works fantastic! Compared to our gimpy 450 cfm hood which could hardly vent the smoke from a snuffed candle, the Best brand can suck up a page or 2 of the Globe on low power. It's relatively quiet too. I'm so happy the upstairs bedrooms no longer smell like last night's dinner in the morning. It may not win on looks compared to those sexy Euro vents - I personally like it - but it sure works the way it supposed to.