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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Pro Electric?

In 1990, Viking and Dynasty brought the restaurant range to the home. The Professional range has been a mainstay in upscale kitchens ever since. Restaurants almost exclusively cook in gas, because of the high heat (although induction has become more popular commercially.)

But how do you purchase the same commercial style in electric? Assuming of course, you do not want to install propane.

The answer is below. BTW, thank you to the anonymous poster, who asked the question.


  1. Steve,
    I enjoy reading about pro ranges on your blog and have posted questions previously. I was at Yale on Sunday revisiting the Wolf all gas 36" range, and while I can afford it I'm still hesitant to make this giant purchase given the current state of economy. Your sales people are really patient given I've been considering this range since February. My question - why isn't there more mid-priced 36" ranges? I currently have a low end contractor special - it came with the house and I've never heard of the brand nor see it in any store.

    So my choices to replace it are really expensive to super-duper expensive. I thought since there are so many options for 30" ranges; why are choices 36" much more limited? When would be the best time to purchase the Wolf :). Thanks!


  2. Ken,

    Hey thanks....Look at NXR, which is inexpensive and Electrolux as well


  3. Anonymous9:25 PM

    Steve, can you post model numbers and prices for the models you've identified as "pro" electric ranges? Also, I'm guessing they use the same electricity as my GE electric stove?

  4. No problem, but Pro Electric is open for interpretation

    Viking Vesc3054 $5599
    JennAir Jes8850 $1929
    Bosch Hei7282 $2209
    GE Cafe Cse9280 $2679
    Electrolux Ew30e65gs $2499

    There are rebates to some as well

  5. Anonymous3:16 PM

    So does an electro "pro" range mean that the burners have a higher output or is it simly the style that makes it a "pro"?

  6. Although the better electric ranges have larger burners, the "Pro electric" term really refers to style

  7. I just read about Viking appliances in another informative post. Is it available in Richmond park?

  8. Probably...Go to Vikingrange.com, and they should have a database of dealers near you