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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Good Bye SubZero

You are looking at the SubZero 650 bottom mount refrigerator.

This is the dominant built in refrigerator. In fact in 2003, this was the number 7 sold refrigerator in the country. At over $6000 a product, that is eye opening. Magnetized crispers, vacuum seal, 2 compressors and the industries best warranty are the functional reasons to buy a SubZero. The name also has cache, which is a plus in an unstable real estate market.

However, SubZero is discontinuing its best product. The new line will be integrated or totally flush to the cabinets and will feature an air freshener to keep food fresher for a longer period of time and a water purifier. New products will be shipped August or September.


  1. Anonymous9:40 PM

    I have a client telling me he wants to wait for the new model 642 Steve.

    What do you think about how they compare?


  2. Great new product for people in the Super premium segment. Good looking with air freshner and water purifier.

    I saw the first prototype last year and was impressed...