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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Mercury and You

I had to leave town unexpectedly, but will be back on Monday with new stuff...Here is an earlier post.

In an earlier post, I described how to handle a broken fluorescent bulb. My response was based on that story in Maine where a bulb broke, and they called a Hazmat squad. I honestly believe fluorescent bulbs and LEDs will save the individual consumer considerable amounts of money.

Mercury, however, is a poison and fluorescent bulbs do contain trace levels of Mercury. Of course, as you are reading this, you probably have trace levels of mercury in your body....They are called fillings. (I just went to the dentist this morning.)

Seriously, read this post and buy the bulbs for general task lighting to save money, energy and the environment.


Couldn't resist


  1. Anonymous9:43 PM

    Steve, I just saw a press release today that the Home Depot will offer free recycling of all CFL bulbs at all locations. I'm not trying to advertise a competitor but I do think its a awesome initiative.

  2. You are absolutely correct...I commend Home Depot for stepping up. We recycle CFLs as well, but they will do it nationally on a much larger scale

  3. Hi Steve, my condo is filled with low voltage lighting. It has a bunch of the lights that hang on a rod that can be moved around. I think the bulbs are all halogen. Are those considered energy efficient where they are low voltage?

  4. Great question to which the answer is no...You have great color out of low voltage, but you are still using 50 watts per bulb...Low voltage still emits 300 degrees, which adds costs to HVAC