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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Good, The Bad And The New

Love that old Clint movie and could not resist the reference. To be honest, I feel a bit bad about the brevity of Mondays' post....So I will review two new products in two different categories. Thats right!! Two posts for the same low price as one

Now for the interesting:

Electrolux has a brand new free standing range. It has the best "wave touch" controls with stainless appointments. For the epicureans, the Electrolux has every type of convection control available including dehydrate. At $1899, it should. The comparable piece in Frigidaire(Electrolux owns Frigidaire) is about $600 less.

Electrolux and Frigidaire side by side


Lets look at the new Asko washer and dryer. For those who know not of Asko, the company is owned by Merloni out of Europe. This was the premium dishwasher company until Bosch and Miele imported into the US. The pair is actually pretty good with a 3.8 cubic foot interior, reversible door and a whole bunch of cycles. Asko has manufactured the most efficient products worldwide, and the laundry is not an exception. At roughly $2500, however, this is a good product in a sea of good products that start at $1500

Asko Pair

How did we do?


  1. Anonymous9:48 AM

    Steve, have you seen this new stove from Fisher & Paykel? http://gizmodo.com/371248/fisher--paykel-izona-cooksurface-gas-range-goes-high+tech

    What are your thoughts on it? Coming soon? A fad? Will change the industry?

  2. I have seen this cooktop for the last 2 years at the KBIS show. Its a very nice piece, but I have to wonder if they plan on manufacturing it...

    As far as changing the industry, the answer would be no...Gas is 60% efficient, but induction is 90%, and technologically this cooktop is very similar to all gas cooktops...Check out my earlier post of gas versus induction

    Good question