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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Toughest Renovation Decision Part 2

This post is actually part of a series of posts starting last Monday. To paraphrase, the hardest decision for planning appliances in a kitchen is cooking.

We covered wall ovens under cooktops last week...Now lets look at them split, which has become very popular.

Cooktop next to Oven

The advantages are a profusion of brands offering every feature such as speed cook, steam, double convection and microwave. Cooktops have also become incredibly advanced with professional and induction becoming more popular. The key advantages are the ergo metrics, meaning no bending and the entertainment value. With today's kitchen islands and peninsulas, the user can face their guests.

The disadvantages are expense and space. The minimum space for a regular wall oven and cooktop is 60 inches. The pricing for even a single wall oven alone can be more than a regular free standing range

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