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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Buying On the Internet

Everyone has purchased products on the internet. It is easy. I buy frequently books on Amazon. I click order and it generates the request at Amazons' warehouse. The book is picked, packed and UPSd in a day or two.

What happens to appliances and lighting? Well, if it is small, the process is the same as outlined above.

If it is not...Be careful. The company will third party the freight to a low cost independent. It will be shipped to a couple warehouses then to the final shipper.
Unlike a simple book, the chances of damage to product and premises, miscommunication
and misunderstanding have increased greatly.

If you are considering buying any non UPSd product over the internet, protect yourself...

Here's how:

1. Check third party sites like epinions. Most of these companies advertise on the sites, but look at the reviews...

2. Check the local Better Business Bureau

3. Delivery is a major problem for any vendor, and it is deliberately ambiguous. Is it curbside or does the service include delivery of the product in home? Does it include installation? Are power cords provided? Is the old product removed? I am not cynical by nature, but this should be written on the invoice/sales contract

4. NEVER sign for anything without thoroughly checking the product. If it takes 3 hours, so be it. You lose your recourse with these companies with a signature

5. Never buy a extended service plan from any out of state provider. They have no way of fixing a problem out of warranty

Trust me, a little early protection will save aggravation later

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