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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Random Thoughts

The ball dropped on New Years eve in New York will be LED for the very first time. Just another sign of the times.

I am not an endorser of products by nature, but if you want to check an interesting blog...Look at Bostondesignblog.com, its an eclectic mix of stylish products.

I have to ask this question: What is the average life of a major appliance?

BTW, If anyone has a suggestion, I will be writing 2 weeks of blogs in the next 3 days


  1. Its been my experience lately with Frigidaire and Kenmore frontloaders and a GE S/S refrigerator is the life span is slightly longer than the warranty. However, kudos to JennAir because my dishwasher lasted over 10 years and the fridge is going on 13. We'll have to wait and see how Bosch and LG do.

  2. Average life of an appliance is 12 years. People think appliances should last longer. Maybe they should, but compared to other durables like cars and other equipment, it is a bargain....

  3. Steve,
    Each week after catching up on your blog I consider replacing all my appliances. I know you have blogged about some "apartment sized" washers, dishwashers, stoves, etc. but I was wondering if Yale ever does an urban dweller package (18" dishwasher, full size stove, <30" fridge)? I think if I saw a good package deal with rebates or package pricing with the items I wanted I would be much more successful in convincing my fiancée that we should spend the cash. Thanks!

  4. Interesting idea....I might do that

  5. Hi Steve, I hope the vacation went well. Thanks for the nod.