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Friday, December 21, 2007

Energy Tip of The Day

Hard to believe that the year is almost over. The ole Yale blog will be closing next week as I head to an island for a little R&R. 305 entries this year. Hard to believe.

Lets end the year strong with an energy tip so obvious, you can start today.

The majority of energy expended for a dishwasher is in heating the water and the element for the dry cycle.

A couple of simple tips to save energy:

A. Do not use a pot and pan cycle unless it is necessary. Cycles really control time and temperature. A normal wash cycle is usually sufficient with less energy consumed

B. Shut off the heated dry cycle and use a rinse aid like Jetdry or Miele(shown below)...(as a side note European dishwashers are more efficient because they have no heated dry cycle)

Miele Rinse Aid

Simple, easy tips guaranteed to save you money


  1. Anonymous8:20 PM

    You mean I've been opening up my 1989 Miele for years after washing to no good purpose?

    I thought it WAS heating during drying!

    Great dishwasher BTW. Two years ago the heating element was staying on. It was like an oven in there!

    I called Miele in San Francisco. They had a repairman out the next day.

    He put booties on, spread a rug on the floor, and fixed it then and there.

    Then he called the office, and then he told us NO CHARGE!

    Steve, that dishwasher was 16 years old at the time!

    Love my Miele.
    Now they've come out with fridges...Any comments on them yet?


  2. First Peg, Thank you for your help about the virus issues...The Miele refrigerators are similar to the Thermador Freedom with better outer hardware and masterchef controls

    Thank you again,


  3. Anonymous8:28 PM

    You're welcome Steve. Did you get it fixed?

    So, are you LIKING the Miele fridges?


  4. We will see about the pricing...I love integrated refrigeration, but with so many brands, Miele will be fighting for market share