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Sunday, October 14, 2007

New Mexico Versus Michigan

I wrote a post a couple of weeks called The Invasion of Canada. Our Northern neighbor has the most fresh water in the world. At that time, there were reports of our shortage.

This weekend, Bill Richardson the Governor of New Mexico, called for a national policy on water. Evidentally, he sees plenty of fresh water in The Great Lakes. There are, however, two basic problems:

1. Lake Superior is 2 feet below normal levels

2. The people from Michigan don't seem to agree. Maybe there are not team players.

Whether we are running out of water or power, there are simpleways to save it from the obvious to the more interesting

Here is a few:

shower instead of bathing, showering 1 less minute a day will save 2000 gallons of water annually

water saving appliances, low flow toilets, showers and front load washers

Be smart(no other way to say it) dont leave it on while shaving etc

Most other water saving ideas can be read in the post The Garden of Jim Oneil...

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