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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Green is Good 2

So my trip was pretty interesting. The first part was through Budapest, which has become one of my favorite cities. Even if you only a couple of days, you can see truly memorable architecture and historical sites.

So I deplane(love that non word) and I noticed that it was unusually hot. In fact it was 42 degrees Celsius or 110 degrees American. When I ran at 6 in the morning it was 97 degrees in the shade....Unbelievable

After sweltering in Budapest for 4 days, I hiked the Dolomites also known as the Italian Alps. The Dolomites is like being in one of those viewfinders. You know...That toy we had as a child with the beautiful landscapes. Our guide was commenting in passing about the melting glaciers. Evidently, there were glaciers in the Italian Alps until a few years ago

Global warming is just that...Global. As I have said before, my goal is to show you how to buy green and save money. We do have the technology to change the environment today.

The following is the latest Green products.....Take a look

Panasonic FV30 bath fan. Bath fans are great for eliminating steam, but if left on, you could lose a houseful of ac or heat in a very short period of time. This fan operates on motion, so it will shut off automatically.

Panasonic Fan

Lutron Motion Controls. If everyone in this country shut off their lights when leaving the room, it would be a good start. This little device will do it for you.

Motion Sensor

Light Bulbs: There are many energystar bulbs in the market, but there are 2 really worth trying now. The candelabra 5 watt fluorescent is equivalent to a 25 watt bulb. The 18 watt flood is similar to a 75 watt bulb. Buy them with a 2800 K designation, so the quality of the light will be similar

CandelabraFlood Light

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