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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

How to...Light up a bathroom

Bathroom used to be easy. The key to bathroom is and always will be cross illumination, or in other words to provide task task lighting to shave or put on makeup. This can be effected three ways in order of preference:

A. The best way is to place wall sconces on either side of the mirror at about 65-67 inches off the ground(a little more if you are taller so you do not look down into the light)

Side Sconces

B. Recessed Lighting on either side of the sink focused down on the sink

C. A light bar from the top

Now we need to light the bath/shower area. This too is fairly simply and can be effected by a couple of insulated recessed cans and damp location trims. Water tight sconces can also be used as well, and there are some interesting choices.

Do not forget the bath fan for steam and other odors.(See the bathroom lighting post for detailed info)

The basic lighting is done. However bathrooms have become real rooms, and now can be lighted as such. For this, you can draw other decorative and accent elements into the mix. As I have said in other posts, have fun with it, but check local codes especially if you are hanging a chandelier over a bath tub.

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