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Thursday, March 08, 2007

How to...Eliminate 603 Watts of Electricity

Now its my turn. I really do not use much electricity anyway, because I am not home much. My most utilized lights are my reading and hallways, and most of the others are on dimmers.

Lets first focus on what fluorescent is not. It is not a good accent or decorative light, even the newer ones with better color rendering(2800 degrees Kelvin if you are purchasing) tend to wash out color. Fluorescent is good general task type lighting, and is great in closets, hallways and garages. It even is decent in shaded, decorative lights (especially white shades)

Floss reading lights once 300 watts(100 times 3) now 39 watts. The 13 watt fluorescent is really equivalent to a 65 watt incandescent, but I will live:
Reading Light

Hallway lights once 450 watts are now 108 watts. Total savings is 603 watts.

More importantly, the decorative accents remain appealing. Other than a little wash out on a rug, there is noticeable difference. There will be considerable difference in the electric bill and astronomical savings if everyone changed to fluorescent.


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