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Monday, January 08, 2007

Energy Efficiency Part 3 Washers

There are some very simple steps to saving money through technology. One of the smartest ideas is to buy an Estar front loading washing machine at any price. Lets look at the facts from the EnergyStar website based on 8 loads per week.

Capacity is 3.5 cubic foot versus 2.5 for the conventional

Water Usage 6,000 gallons per year versus 14,000 for a top load

Electricity Consumption: 210 KWH versus 420

Spin speed: 1,ooo versus 400RPM

These are just the averages, and they are based on 8 loads. The average front loading machine is 40-62% larger, so the amount of loads will be much less. BTW, a higher spin extracts more water out of the clothes, so it saves in drying time.

Changing your wash is one of those rare win wins. You save a ton of money AND wash fewer loads. It is also incredible good for the environment, by using 50% less water and energy

Laundry Chart

The Green Project At Yale..."Saving money and the environment one product at a time"
Green Project

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